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Ocelot Cafe & Bakery

Branding Print Design

Ocelot Cafe & Bakery

Ocelot! Ocelot! Where have you gone? Morning is over and noon slouches on.
Written by Tom Marshall of the band Phish, the song Ocelot is the inspiration for Richfield’s newest cafe space, Ocelot Cafe & Bakery. Owned and by Liz Post and Jason Smith, the bakers operated a home bakery called Plates by Post LLC. Through the success of this business, they quickly outgrew their space and made the decision to acquire a commercial kitchen.

With a new home and plans to expand their business, Liz and Jason connected with me to help design the cafe’s new look and brand identity. After an intro call and hearing their story, we began to build-out their vision: create a new environment for not only their baked goods, but for their hometown community. Ocelot would serve as a neighborhood cafe space offering a local assortment of scratch-made baked goods, soups, sandwiches and coffee. Starting with this mission statement, we settled on some key words to build the brand base: amicable, cordial, mellow, sincere, and local. Having these words in place, I began to craft a logo that would embody Ocelot’s mission.